Known Unknown Žalgiris. 1410

Known Unknown Žalgiris. 1410

Known Unknown Žalgiris. 1410

The documentary about one of the most important battles in Europe of the Middle-ages. The documentary is dedicated to the Žalgiris (Grunwald, Tannenberg) battle whick was the major even in 1409-1411 Great War between the Teutonic Order and the Joint Lithuanian-Polish forces.

Called the battle of nations the Teutonic Order suffered the devastating defeat which was never able to recover completely from. Although the battle of Žalgiris has been an object of study for centuries, there are still many stereotypes and misconceptions.

The movie reveal the truth via interviews with famous scientists from Lithuania, Poland and Germany.


Kategooriad: Documentary, History

Näitlejad: Alfredas Bumblauskas, Sven Ekdahl, Aleksiejus Luchtianas


Stsenaariumi autor: Aleksandras Matonis, Valdas Rakutis

Riikides: Lithuania

Vabastage: 2013-02-15


Distribution riikides: Worldwide

Kestus: 77 Min.

Kvaliteet: SD

Keel: English Lietuvių Русский

imdb 8.9