The Ancient Woods
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The Ancient Woods

The Ancient Woods

A poetic and atypical nature film about the various inhabitants of an old-growth forest, on the ground, in the air and in the water. There's no commentary, only the rich, almost palpable sounds of the forest and the magical situations captured by the camera. Although we might sometimes be puzzled as to what's actually happening a mating ritual or the start of a fight? the lack of explanation leaves space for us to associate freely and simply experience the images. The film offers a close-up view of a wide range of creatures such as the insect that appears out of the melting snow, gradually begins to move and impatiently waits until all its legs are free so it can fly away. The scale of the portraits is sometimes grand and at other times modest, but always filmed with precision, whether in daylight or at night. Time doesn't seem to matter in this extraordinary piece of slow cinema.


Kategooriad: Documentary


Direktors: Mindaugas Survila

Stsenaariumi autor:

Riikides: Estonia, Germany, Lithuania

Vabastage: 2018-03-18


Distribution riikides: Worldwide

Kestus: 85 Min.

Kvaliteet: FHD

Keel: English Lietuvių

imdb 7.8