Ploey: You Never Fly Alone
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Ploey: You Never Fly Alone

Ploey: You Never Fly Alone

A plover chick has not learned to fly when his family migrates in the fall. He must survive the arctic winter, vicious enemies and himself in order to be reunited with his beloved one next spring.


Kategooriad: Animatsioon, Family

Näitlejad: Jamie Oram, Ian Stuart Robinson, Harriet Perring, Richard Cotton

Direktors: rni lafur sgeirsson

Stsenaariumi autor: Fririk Erlingsson

Riikides: Belgium, Island

Vabastage: 2018-04-12


Distribution riikides: ee lv lt

Kestus: 83 Min.

Kvaliteet: FHD

Keel: Lietuvių

imdb 5.4