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With gentle irony, “Cinephilia” unmasks the illusion of film. Characters migrate through the worlds of reality and fantasy, in circumstances that paradoxically have no questions or answers. The two moons of Lars von Trier shine in the night sky, entrancing the main heroes, Roland and Isabel. Roland rents himself a room where he winds up in situations reminiscent of the plots found in Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” or Roman Polański’s “The Tenant”.

A guy visits Roland, claiming that they known each other, and offers him a lot of money to film his suicide. There begins a kaleidoscopic sequence of events and random acquaintances. They make the characters wander through the worlds of reality and fantasy, sometimes both at the same time. A dark comedy that tells nine related stories in which the fates of the characters intertwine.


Kategooriad: Comedy

Näitlejad: Aleksas Kazanavičius, Vytautas Kaniušonis, Juozas Budraitis, Mantas Zemleckas

Direktors: Algimantas Puipa

Stsenaariumi autor:

Riikides: Lithuania

Vabastage: 2021-10-08


Distribution riikides: ee lv lt

Kestus: 110 Min.

Kvaliteet: FHD

Keel: Lietuvių

imdb 6.8