12 Chairs

12 Chairs

12 Chairs

Former KGB agent finds out that his mother in law has hidden her treasures in one of chairs. Fast after he starts the search of diamonds and meets an aggressive modern man who helps him in his endeavors all over the place in nowadays Lithuania. Two very different men are united in their mutual desire to get rich.


Kategooriad: Comedy

Näitlejad: Mantas Stonkus, Julius Zalakevicius, Dalius Skamarakas, Natalija Janichkina

Direktors: Algis Ramanauskas

Stsenaariumi autor:

Riikides: Lithuania

Vabastage: 2016-12-23


Distribution riikides: Worldwide

Kestus: 110 Min.

Kvaliteet: FHD

Keel: Lietuvių

imdb 4.3